samedi 1 octobre 2011

Pet Health Pictures Slideshow: Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Dogs and Cats

Dog licking man's face.
A sneezing woman and dog.
Baby sleeping with cat.
A dog and woman.
A dog on a pink chair.
Kitten at a window.
Kitten at a window.
A girl and a dog.
A cat with blue and green eyes.
A cat falling.
A dog dancing.
A cat licking it's chops.
Photo of two dogs.
Photo of puppy dog.
Photo of newborn kitten.
A dog looking at a crowd.
Photo of a dog's nose.
A bassett hound running.
A cat drinking milk.
A dog straining toward a steak bone.
A dog with a cone around neck.
Green-eyed cat.
Dogs kissing.
Smoke and a dog.
Mama and kittrn cats.
A cat stalking a bird.
A dog snarling.
A dog looking up.