samedi 1 octobre 2011

Pet Health Pictures Slideshow: Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Dogs and Cats

Dog licking man's face.
A sneezing woman and dog.
Baby sleeping with cat.
A dog and woman.
A dog on a pink chair.
Kitten at a window.
Kitten at a window.
A girl and a dog.
A cat with blue and green eyes.
A cat falling.
A dog dancing.
A cat licking it's chops.
Photo of two dogs.
Photo of puppy dog.
Photo of newborn kitten.
A dog looking at a crowd.
Photo of a dog's nose.
A bassett hound running.
A cat drinking milk.
A dog straining toward a steak bone.
A dog with a cone around neck.
Green-eyed cat.
Dogs kissing.
Smoke and a dog.
Mama and kittrn cats.
A cat stalking a bird.
A dog snarling.
A dog looking up.

Stages of Pregnancy Pictures Slideshow: See the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimesters of Mom & Baby

Image of a human fetus.
Illustration examples of the first, second and third trimesters of pregnancy.
First Trimester
A woman with a home pregnancy test examines her stomach in the mirror.
An exhausted woman (top left), woman with morning sickness (top right), woman eating a pickle with ice cream (bottom left) and woman weighing herself (bottom right).
A pregnant mom letting her son touch her belly.
Development of embryo at approximately 4-6 weeks.
An eight week old human embryo.
Human fetus in utero at twelve weeks.
Second Trimester
A pregnant woman starting to show.
A pregnant woman with back pain (left), pregnant woman with stretch marks and line running down her belly (center) and woman with melasma (pregnancy mask) on her cheek (right).
The human fetus at about four months showing the head & upper limbs & the umbilical cord which connects the fetus (at the navel) to the placenta.
Human fetus near his fifth month of development.
Human fetus at approximately 24 weeks showing details of his closed eyes, nose, mouth and facial hair.
Third Trimester
A pregnant woman stretching her back while sitting.
A pregnant woman holding her stomach.
A doctor examines a pregnant woman's belly.
The human fetus at 8 months, almost full term.
Human fetus in utero at approximately 36 weeks.
A mom looks at her newborn child.