jeudi 5 janvier 2012

mesothelioma attorney utah

mesothelioma attorney utah
Abbott & Associates has offices centrally located in Provo, Utah,
allowing us to serve the litigation needs of our clients throughout the entire State of Utah. Our attorneys practice in both State and Federal Courts.

Litigation is the last resort. But when you get to the point that your claim must be litigated, you need to know that your attorneys are aggressive, efficient and ethical. We fit that de******ion. We know what it takes to win and we are willing to do whatever it takes. At the same time, we don't waste time or effort litigating issues that don't add value to our clients or that do not increase their chances of winning. Our state of the art computer network and software allow us to efficiently search for briefs and arguments we have made in similar matters in the past. This saves our clients time and money. We are ethical. Lead attorney, Nelson Abbott, served on the Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee of the utah State Bar Association for eight years. 

Year this Office was Established: 1994